Cardboard & Paper

Acceptable Cardboard/Paper Products:

  • -Newspapers, magazines, and catalogs
  • -Corrugated cardboard (staples ok; pizza boxes must be clean of food refuse)
  • -Gray chipboard including cereal, cracker, and shoeboxes
  • -Junk mail and envelopes
  • -Paper bags
  • -Mixed office paper
  • -Phone, paperback, and hardcover books
  • -Paper egg cartons
  • -Paper towel and toilet tissue roll cores
  • -Shredded paper strips

Unacceptable Cardboard/Paper Products:

  • -Milk and juice paperboard cartons
  • -Slick-coated frozen food boxes
  • -Greeting cards and gift-wrap
  • -Paper plates, cups and napkins
  • -Photographs
  • -Disposable diapers
  • -Cereal and cracker box liners
  • -Crosscut paper