Dittmer Recycling currently provides home curbside collection services to several communities in
the tri-state area. Pickups are conducted on a weekly rotation according to our scheduled route.


  • -Individual households are allowed two (2) cans of trash per collection cycle.
  • -Trash cans should be no larger than 35 gallons in size.
  • -Trash should be bagged, even refuse placed inside trash cans.
  • -Place trash to be collected at the curb by 6 am on the day of collection.


  • -A single trash can or bag should not weigh more than 40 pounds.
  • -No appliances, televisions, computer monitors, liquid paint, auto fluids, tires, yard waste, or construction materials, will be accepted.
  • -Oversized items must not be so heavy or bulky that they cannot be lifted safely by one person.
    Remember, if you cannot carry it to the curb on your own, we cannot lift it on our own.

RESIDENTIAL SPECIAL PROJECTS: View our Variety of Dumpsters

8 yard on trailer dumpster

8-yard on trailer
garage, office and home cleanup or general remodeling jobs.

thirteen yard dump trailer
tight-fitting construction projects

30 yard roll off dumpster

30 or 40-yard roll-off
roofing or large remodeling jobs, whole-house clean-outs, solid-fill removal or new building construction

Please contact us if you need refuse containers for a residential project
on a short-term basis or for use at your organization’s special event.

Dittmer Recycling is not responsible for damage beyond the curb
(i.e. cracked driveways and sidewalks, lawns etc.)